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Auctions Information


  1. You need to register to participate in the auction.

  2. Full in your details (username, e-mail, password, country, phone number and verification code)

 3. If you have completed all required fields "*" follows your registration is successful.

 4.To participate in bidding must confirm your registration by logging into your e-mail and you will see a message from Future Champs.

With the opening of this messages will display a link that you need to press.

 By clicking on the link you automatically go back to the site and are fully registered.

5. In introducing errors or invalid data / name, country or tel. Number / and registration you accepted, you can correct wrong data as faithful click on your username at the top left and you go out table you .In filled out her faithful can place / name, country or phone number /. This is done in order to do a new registration.

6.Whit  button "forgotten password" can only change the password via a message in your e-mail.

If you have problem with the registration, please write to us to the following email: (name, address and telephone number) and your registration will be done by an operator.



1. All auctions will start from €50.

2. From €50 to €120 offer must be at least €10.

3. From €120 offer must be at least €20

4. Betting on pigeon in the last ten minutes to the auction, the time is automatically extended by another ten minutes.

5. Winner of the bidding will be user with the highest bid price.


Future Champs will contact with the buyer when the auction has ended, and they have to make decision about the transportation terms and the conditions of the payment.

After auction finish, the winners will have seven days to make the payment.

The pigeons will be transported only when the payment is done correctly.

If the buyer is NOT correct with the payment, Future Champs reserves its rights to publish the name of the unreliable bidder on a "black list", created for letting the people to know who is not fulfilling his/her compromises.

Our bank account:



IBAN: BG34TTBB94001506001307

Bank address:


9009 Varna, "Mladezka" Str. N 141

Milena Kostova Paskova


The transportation of the pigeons will be paid by the buyer.


All pigeons are vaccinated against salmonella and paramyxovirus.

All pigeons have a passport and pedigree.

We guarantee the origin and the grade of our pigeons!!!

It is possible to do a DNA analysis of each of the pigeons, offered at FUTURE CHAMPS auctions. Such DNA analysis and the transportation costs are undertaken by the buyer.